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Is the Management Console the most underrated AWS service?

Could the AWS Management Console challenge the conventional boundaries of DevOps practices, and take over infrastructure code? In this article, I discuss the place of the Console, often subject of skepticism, yet standing as the centerpiece of an upcoming (r)evolution: its efficiency questioned but its new-found allure… undeniable. Join me in a journey towards user-centric design, transcending the complexities of infrastructure code, and ushering in a new era of Cloud engineering.

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Is ClickOps the new DevOps?

There’s a problem with DevOps, and it’s time to address it. In this inaugural article of an upcoming series, I reflect on the challenges posed by the burdensome nature of infrastructure code and the rigidity of traditional DevOps practices in today’s ever-evolving Cloud computing landscape. As our developing grounds evolve, the need for a paradigm shift becomes evident. Introducing ClickOps — the solution that empowers business stakeholders to finally make use of the AWS Management Console.

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